Why a 1% Payrise Isn't Your Only Option

Posted on 20 July 2021

You more than likely saw the news about the recommendation for NHS staff in England to receive a 1% pay increase this year. It set ministers on a collision course with politicians and unions, including Unison, the BMA and The Royal College of Nursing (RCN), who described the proposed rise as “an insult”. 

In response, the RCN’s chief executive and general secretary, Dame Donna Kinnair,commented: “This is pitiful and bitterly disappointing. The government is dangerously out of touch with nursing staff, NHS workers and the public. Taxpayers are supportive of a significant and fair pay rise for NHS workers - this year of all years.”

While we must remember that it’s only a recommendation at this stage (the pay rise for the 2021-2022 year will be formally decided in May), Boris Johnson’s comments about giving workers “as much as we can” in the “tough times” of the Covid-19 pandemic suggest there will be little movement. 

It’s a tough pill to swallow, given frontline NHS workers have been vital in the fight against the virus, and it’s raised legitimate concerns that we’ll see a mass exodus of staff and a sharp decline in new recruits. 

What now? 

Feeling deflated doesn’t even come into it. As healthcare recruiters, we’ve seen the toll the past 12 months has taken on frontline staff and we echo the sentiments of everyone publicly criticising and campaigning the plans.

That’s why, in the weeks since the news broke, we’ve been having conversations with our candidates about alternative permanent and temporary job options and whether they can secure their own pay rise through pursuing these opportunities.

This isn’t necessarily about jumping from the NHS into private healthcare, but more about whether their skills and experience lend themselves to a better opportunity from both a pay and benefits perspective. 

The team at T2 Healthcare remain on-hand for nurses and other NHS staff who are looking to take control of their career, and crucially, what they get paid. 

Working with T2 Healthcare 

Every (yes, every) candidate of T2 Healthcare is assigned a dedicated healthcare consultant who works with them to identify the perfect job. Connect with us, and you’ll receive: 

  1. A newly-tailored CV to help you stand out from the competition 

  2. Your CV actively marketed to leading NHS and private organisations 

  3. Access to exclusive roles that are tailored to your needs and aspirations

  4. A rapid application process compared to the lengthy ones you might be used to

  5. Preparation and advice to make sure you nail your interview 

  6. ALL salary negotiations handled on your behalf 

  7. The opportunity to earn bonuses if you refer other talented people to T2.

What are you waiting for? Try to forget about the 1% and let the T2 Healthcare team help you take control and secure the pay increase you truly deserve. Call us today on 0203 002 6305 or emailinfo@t2healthcare.com

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